Single Product


anuPath is an easy to use point-of-care handheld diagnostic device based on cutting edge patented technology. It provides reliable and accurate diagnostic test results.

  • HbA1c
  • Blood Glucose
  • Hemoglobin
  • Serum albumin
  • COVID-19 Total Antibody

Main Features


On the spot testing

anuPath Nano is a point-of-care devices


Multiple Test's

Separate disposable strip for each test


Small Blood Volume

It Uses a tiny sample volume



New Era of Healthcare Diagnostics

The access to healthcare in India is starkly divided. The top few, mostly urban rich, have access to the most sophisticated healthcare facilities, comparable to the best in the world. In contrast, a vast majority, including the urban poor and largely rural population, lack basic healthcare needs. This healthcare divide, if not addressed immediately, can become a show-stopper for India's aspirations to become the world leader in attaining the sustainable development goals enshrined by the United Nations. It is truly disappointing to learn about the plight of rural healthcare diagnostics. People have minimum access to the pathology laboratory to get tested for basic biomarkers like Hemoglobin for Anemia, Blood Glucose for Diabetes, Albumin for Malnutrition, etc. The commute to the nearest pathology lab and the test fees will sum up to their daily wage. To meet their basic needs of healthcare, in particular, to democratize healthcare diagnostics facilities, after decade-long research at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, PathShodh Healthcare (an ISO 13485:2016) developed “anuPath- PoC Multi-Analyte Diagnostic Device”. Miniaturizing the whole pathology laboratory, we bring to your doorsteps “Lab on Palm”.


Accurate & Compact

anuPath Nano is easy to use Point-of-care handheld Device


9-in-1 Device

Diabetes, Anemia, Malnutrition, Liver diseases and COVID-19 Antibody Test's in a Single Device


Committed to quality

anuPath Nano is a, ISO 13485 certified product

Product Specifications

Model Number PS-A001-01
Meter Size 95 mm X 140 mm
Display Size 5Inch Touch Screen (TFT 800x480)
Weight 250mg(with batteries installed)
Operation Environmental Conditions Temperature: 15ºC - 40ºC
Meter storage and transportation conditions Temperature: 5ºC - 40°C
Power Source Lithium polymer battery (Rechargeable)
USB Charger Specification Micro-USB 5V, 2A