CSR activity sponsored by Titan Limited


The activity aimed at providing healthcare diagnostic facilities to those who are deprived of it due to various reasons. anuPath™ point of care (PoC) Multi-Analyte Diagnostic Device and the test strips for COVID-19 Total Antibody, Blood Glucose, Serum Albumin, and Hemoglobin were provided to the CSR participants. This encouraged the NGOs, charitable hospitals, and doctors to perform instant tests on large population in the remotest regions of India. The initiative has also created awareness about healthcare diagnostics in rural India.

Key Points
  • The activity made its footprints across 12 states of India
  • Connecting 25 doctors, 14 NGOs, and 8 charitable hospitals.

Means are as important as the end
Mahatma Gandhi

We thank India Post for their extremely organized system of delivering the consignment to the nook and cranny of India, where road, transportation, electricity, education, and hospitals are still not furnished and is a matter of great concern even after 75 years of Independence. Their meticulous and generous work has indeed justified their motto “Service before help”